Smart Manufacturing Training

Access Smart Manufacturing training anytime, anywhere. Classes in Additive, Digital, Cybersecurity, & Robotics & Automation, plus instructor-led training and professional certifications.


Smarter Smart Manufacturing training.

Preparing the next generation has always been in our DNA. Tooling U-SME has a history of harnessing technology to deliver manufacturing training. Nearly 20 years ago, we revolutionized the industry by providing some of the first online classes in manufacturing. As internet technology advanced, we continued to enrich our content with videos, animations, and interactive quizzes to aid engagement and retention—and we kept pace with delivery methods by enabling content on smart phones and tablets.

Our Smart Manufacturing offerings allow for next-level learning at the convenience of the company and its participants: by computer, tablet, and smartphone—anytime, anywhere. This allows your workforce to stay on task today while preparing for the smart revolution.


A bold new reality of training.

We’re also launching a new mode of delivery: virtual reality. Focused on key topics in manufacturing, these Virtual Labs will help bridge the gap between learning and doing. The Virtual Labs are designed to immerse students in real-world experiences without the need for machines. Virtual Reality blurs the lines between training and experience, providing learning with opportunities to apply skills safely and gain competency before moving to hands-on learning on real equipment. Adopting advanced technology isn’t just for manufacturing operations. Tooling U-SME uses it for optimizing the learning experience and outcomes.